Your client has identified themselves… But do they exist?

Trends change because consumers evolve and incorporate more and more technology into their daily routine. For example, contracting financial services directly online without going through the office, or opening a bank account online is increasingly possible for many institutions. But the user’s experience must be excellent: they want speed, agility, and efficiency.

At the same time, the need for security grows, especially in sectors such as financing, which deals with sensitive data and is the target of most attempted frauds and identity thefts. Can we really know who is registering the account? Is there a real person behind the data they provide?

Therefore, at ICAR we have incorporated new functionalities into our solutions for online identity verification, such as liveness testing or the selfie.

These new functionalities, which are applied to both desktop and mobile platforms, are intended to improve usability, the user’s experience, and the security of the customer onboarding processes.

Liveness testing checks whether the person exists

One of the best received functionalities has been liveness testing, which is a further step in biometric verification. The solution identifies the person from a selfie and its comparison with the identity document. However, very often this is not enough. For example, it would be possible to forge by taking a photo of another photo. Now with the liveness test, the application does not take the photo unless the person makes a certain movement, such as a wink or blink, to make sure it is photographing a real person.

Improved usability: automatic photo

In order to improve the user’s experience, which is fundamental for companies to avoid customers giving up the process, we have also implemented the automatic capture of the photo the user takes as part of the validation process. Therefore users do not have to worry about the focus or the framing, the system focuses and takes the photo automatically without any need to press a button. The quality of the image is also improved for authentication.

The constant improvement in our solutions’ functionalities comes in reply to three variables: the companies’ wish to improve their processes in order to increase client registration and reduce fraud; the users’ desire for online experiences to be increasingly agile, faster, and more efficient; and the need to immediately reply to the new rules and regulations related to online identity verification.

Do you want to know a little more? We invite you to learn more about our solution and to perform the identity verification test. This simple process that takes just a few seconds. We would love to know what you think of it!

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