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UNIDAS Rent a Car

Correct client identity verification in real time is a critical step that we have always tried to solve. ICAR has provided us with an easy-to-integrate solution for reading and authenticating the CNH, through which we have been able to digitize a process while preventing identity fraud.

Marcelo Wagner,
CEO Unidas

Prevent identity fraud and document management

The correct client identification is a basic step in the rental process. At Unidas offices, the client must be identified by their Brazilian driver’s license, the Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH).

Criminals use falsified identity documents to rent vehicles in order to sell the entire car or its parts. At the end of the year, this type of crime caused significant financial damage and the company needed a solution to guarantee that false identification documents would be detected and to facilitate the client identification process.

Benefits of the implementation

  • Reduce fraud by 88%

  • Improvement registration time up to 30%

  • Increase income

  • Improve customer service by saving time transcription

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