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Palladium Hotel Group Case Study

Having updated guest information enables a single, high-quality record to to be maintained. This improves knowledge about customer loyalty and enables services to be offered according to their needs. Being able to automatically capture information increases efficiency and reduces errors.

Tomás Rodicio García,
Director of Development and Information Systems
Palladium Hotel Group

Check-in automation

Guest registration has been required since the implementation of European anti-terrorism legislation in the year 2000, which led to an increase in average registration times during the hotel check-in process.

In the hospitality sector, the first impression is key to gaining customer loyalty. The requirement to register each individual guest has resulted in long waiting times in the hotel lobby, which in turn has decreased hotel competitiveness and increased operating costs, with direct repercussions on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the implementation

  • 50% reduction in operating costs and document management.

  • ROI 60 days

  • Greater efficiency by automating data capture

  • Improve the overall service provided to guests and create a better customer experience

Before signing the application you should read the basic information on data protectio here