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Kymco Case Study

“The main change that this application brings is efficiency, transparency and speed in managing information, which had previously been very technical and not accessible to all sale points”.

Carlos Wang,
Marketing Manager,

Digital financing process

Today financing has become essential in the vehicle sale process. However, the traditional management becomes complex when an agent depends on a dealer to process the financing with the credit institution. Possible errors can also stretch out the process. One contract has 17 sheets, which must be duly completed and signed, and sometimes they are very difficult to process successfully the first time around.

KYMCO needs to offer a digital financing process that provides all sale points, dealers and agents with an agile, fast and flexible process, paper-free at all times.

Validates the documentation simply by uploading a photo

The main aim was to facilitate the sale and financing of the motorcycle in the shop itself and to enable customers entering a sale point to take away their vehicle almost immediately.

Before signing the application you should read the basic information on data protectio here

Kymco Case Study