Register and verify your customer's identity from their mobile device.

Verification of customer identity with mobile

From anywhere, at any time


What is ID_Mobile?

Registration and validation of identity is a slow process and tired for your customers: long lines, waits, errors and repeat the process. Sure that is not the image that you want to have of your company.
What do you think that your client can provide their data and verify their identity from wherever and whenever you want?

Nowadays, people are used to perform almost any task from the mobile: register in a hotel or Conference, open a bank account, make a contract, or request a consumer credit. We offer a solution that provides comfort and speed in the process of ID Card verification, passport or other identification document.

With ID_Mobile your customers can register and validate their identity from any smartphone or tablet, quickly and easily. In addition, can be complemented with ID_Cloud solution, which allows the same process from any computer using the webcam.

Know your customer. Improve their experience. You only need a few seconds.



  • Improves Sales Conversion

  • Reduce Identity Fraud

How does it works?

The process is easey and fast: take a picture of the document, and the identity of your client is verified instantly, from anywhere, with any device.

ID_Mobile solution is fully automated, without manual handling of documents, so you gain speed and reducing the errors in the data.

Thus, your customers benefit from a better user experience, without having to wait or queue, and you win security and reliability of the data.

The system prevents identity fraud, since authentic measures of safety documents, and incorporates processes of identity verification, such as facial recognition and reading and validation of all data in the document.

ID_Mobile is adapted to each client's system, since you can read all the data in the document and process the required fields. In addition, integrates easily into any system.

As easy as taking a picture
As easy as taking a picture
Incorporates facial recognition (optional)
Incorporates facial recognition (optional)
Read all document data
Read all document data
Verifies the identity in seconds
Verifies the identity in seconds


  • Face Match

    We compare the photo in ID Documento to the customer`s selfie.

  • Liveness Test

    We make sure that it is a real user at the time of capture the photo.


    As easy as taking a picture.

    Know your customer better.


    Fully automatic solution without manual handling of documents.

    Cross-platform and adaptable to the client system.


    Automatic document identification.

    Read all document data.

    Authentication security measures.

    Face recognition verification.

  • ROI

    Increases the conversion and decreases the user drop-off process.

    Reduces operating costs.

    Meets KYC and AML requeriments.

Download our app!

    Test our system for free. Installing our app, and in only three steps performs any verification of identity.

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    “The main change that this application brings is efficiency, transparency and speed in managing information, which had previously been very technical and not accessible to all sale points”.

    Carlos Wang,
    Marketing Manager,
    KYMCO Spain