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Free eBook: The role of identity verification in new financial services

FinTech and the new value-creation models

The Internet marked the beginning of a completely different relationship between consumers and financial institutions. The behavior of consumers has changed, and this changes requires financial service institutions to reconsider their strategy, processes, and even some business models in digital channels.

On the other hand, FinTech is the key to this equation: it provides innovative and disruptive solutions to the financial sector and acts as a bridge between the sector and consumers. In these solution, identity verification plays a key role in the security of transactions and consumer trust.

In this eBook, we explain essential concepts of identity verification in financial services:

  • How does an identity verification process work?

  • It provides value to consumers.

  • It reduces online fraud.

  • It complies with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

  • New identity verification solutions.

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