Mitek is a true partner in mobile software, bringing the future to businesses

We strive to empower businesses across the globe with trust and convenience in a digital world


Excellence without exception

Enabling meaningful and trustworthy connections

You’ve probably taken a photo of a check and deposited it into your account using your smartphone. You may have also used an on-demand, home-share or delivery app and been asked to take a photo of your ID to prove your identity. If you have, you’ve likely used Mitek’s products. Mitek works with businesses across the globe to enhance customer experience and enable trust in the digital economy.

Bridging the physical and digital worlds

We are on a relentless mission to bridge the physical world to the digital economy. Both our deposit and identity verification solutions create convenience and promote safety for everyday use cases.

Looking forward 

We remain committed to innovation from both a product and services perspective and we don’t stop exploring possibilities to enable advancements. Computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies (including machine-learning and deep learning) are essential elements to our labs team as are patented image-capture technology and facial biometrics. 

How it’s used

Mitek’s leadership in identity verification technology enables organizations to onboard new customers without any party ever physically meeting. Identity verification is foundational to creating confidence within these interactions and communities and helps to:

  • Onboard users faster.
  • Verify the identity of users continuously.
  • Screen for age and credential verification.
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Establish confidence in your platform Foster trust within your community

Mitek is a true partner
in mobile software

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