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Bancoppel Consumer Credit

“The ICAR solution for reading and authenticating identity documents provides a clear value differential in the Mexican market, by speeding up customer identification time while increasing operational security.”

Júlio Carranza Bolívar,
General Manager

Customer identification in consumer credit institutions

Correct identity verification of the customer is crucial for consumer credit organizations; if the process is manual, typographical errors occur, creating false identities. With a manual analysis, it is also possible to accidentally accept false documents, generally with identity theft victims’ information.

Manually entering data, managing false data in the databases, and not detecting false identities involves a high cost for companies, both operational costs and costs resulting from identity fraud.

Benefits of the implementation

  • Identity fraud reduction by 88%.

  • Customer information digitized in the DB without errors.

  • Improve the Customer Experience.

  • Reducing operating costs by 50%.

Before signing the application you should read the basic information on data protectio here